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Enhanced performance, on time completion and excellent finish can be achieved for both rigid pavements as well as flexible pavements, bridges, highways and motorways.

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Solution, We Serve In This Sector

Concrete Admixtures

We are market leaders in this segment. Various super plasticizers, hyper plasticizers, concrete additives, accelerators, powder admixtures are offered across infrastructure sector to improve properties of fresh and hardened concrete in terms of workability, slump retention, high early strength and durability.

Concrete repair&Structural Strengthening

Our range of high efficiency PU products, epoxy repair mortars thixotropic epoxy grouts, sealers find usage in all kinds of existing concrete repair applications where surfaces have developed cracks, peeled, scaled, worn out or pitted. We treat all kinds of cosmetic and structural concrete repairs enhancing the service life and sustainability of the structure. We also offer a comprehensive range of carbon fibre systems for structural strengthening.

Surface Improvement Compounds

KCPL offers excellent range of surface improvement compounds for reducing surface evaporation losses as well as to improve efficiency of shuttering. We are one of the largest manufacturers of aluminised resin base concrete curing compounds used widely in horizontal surfaces such as PQC concrete and largest manufacturers of silicate base clear curing compounds used widely for vertical surfaces.


KCPL’s in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in joint design and right selection of sealant systems is trusted by construction industry. We offer solutions across board with polysulphide, polyurethane base sealant and hybrid sealant systems. Road sector is one of our largest consumers for groove cutting and usage of sealants for PQC Concrete.KUNASEAL is one of the best-known brands in this segment

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