Comprehensive repair and rehabilitation

Comprehensive repair and rehabilitation work at Adani -Dhamra port.Conducting testing and subsequent strengthening measures of pile and pile caps at Stacker reclaimer area for various defects at Dhamra Port

Minor Defective piles: Surface preparation and cleaning ,laying epoxy bonding agent KUNABOND -EP,fixing NRV packers and injecting low viscosity epoxy injection grout KUNAGROUT-2EP,repairing with acrylic polymer base product KUNACRETE and finally curing it with wax base concrete curing compound KUNACURE P.

Medium Defects- In addition to above Micro fine concrete KUNACRETE-MFC was filled using shear connectors c/c 150 mm

Major defective piles- There was lot of rust removal to be done using anti rust agents ,fixing of shuttering around pile,filling KUNACRETE -MFC,laying GFRP over treated piles and applying pure polyurea KUNAUREA SPRAY


Extremely tough geography and remote location.Over 96 piles were in defective condition with concrete etching out ,pores were there and reinforced steel was visible at 1.5 metre height .The piles were divided into minor ,medium and major defective piles to assess methodology accordingly.It was a high rain density area with many many days of continuous rains leading to water fill and soil in the pile area.This needed to be dewatered again and again before repair work was carried out


3 pronged solution was offered .First all piles were classified as minor defect,medium defect and major defect on basis of comprehensive testing using NDT ,impulse metre test,rebound hammer testing ,half cell potential test and others


We were the only company to bid for this work and completed the entire repair and rehabilitation with strengthening of damaged piles within 5 months in spite of extremely tough terrain.It was a turnkey project

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