Enhanced performance, on time completion and excellent finish can be achieved for both rigid pavements as well as flexible pavements, bridges, highways and motorways.

Rail & Metro

One of the largest applications in this sector using KCPL range of admixtures, accelerators, surface improvement compounds for high performance concrete, track applications and repair of worn out stations& structures.


Every stage of building development -residential or commercial use tailor made solutions by KCPL for concrete admixtures, waterproofing solutions for various applications, sealants.


Extensive range of products and turnkey building solutions have been used by various civil and defence airports in India for both runway and terminal development, repair and maintenance.


Range of our concrete admixtures for slump retention, water reduction, early setting, high strength achievement, retardation, accelerators for shotcreting have improved properties for fresh and cured concrete.

Power Sector

Turnkey solutions for construction and repair have helped withstand harsh conditions for development of Power Sector.


STPs (sewage treatment plants), development of inland waterways across India have used our in-line construction technology and chemicals for construction and waterproofing.

Irrigation & Dams

Modern structures like dams, canals, spillways, reservoirs have extensively used our chemical technology for construction in the harshest climates and geographies and as well repair, injection grouting, rehabilitation of old structures

Oil & Refinery

We offer concrete solutions for this sector during construction of massive refinery structures duly approved by government consultancies like EIL (Engineers India Limited) such as IOCL Mathura and HPCL Bhatinda refinery.

Ports & marine

We are one of the only companies in India to have successfully developed anti-wash admixtures and being used in massive quantity by HCC at Naval Dockyard project in Mumbai.


Cutting edge technology with chemical solutions have been offered to various cement plants across India at the stage of construction, maintenance and repair.

Industrial Application

Factory, warehousing, industrial structures find numerous applications for KCPL construction chemicals at every stage of construction.

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