Landmark Projects

Eastern Peripheral Expressway

This was one the largest acess controlled PQC Concrete Road project


Contractors-Sadbhav Engineering Limited,Ashoka Buildcon Limited ,Gayatri Projects Limited,Oriental Structures Limited

Total Volume of concrete-2.6 Million CUM

KCPL share-85% of admixture ,concrete curing compound and Sealants

Delhi Metro Rail Corporations Phase 3

Single biggest Metro Rail development in India with 60 packages spread over 6 years


Contractors-L&T,HCC,SUCG ,JMC,Arvind Techno,Sadbhav,ITD and many others

Total Volume of concrete-5.2 Million cum

KCPL share-90% of construction chemicals supplied by us

DGNP( Naval Dockyard)

Underwater concreting,Biggest under water concrete project in India ever

Client-Indian Navy


Total Volume of concrete-3.5 Million cum concrete ,all under water

KCPL share- 100% of dmixture and anti wash

Formula One racing track in G Noida

One of the largest Sports development in India with German consultants and design



Total Volume of concrete-4.0 Lakh cum concrete

KCPL share- 100%

DFCC Bridge on Sone river in state of Bihar

Construction in standing water for almost 6 months of the year.Completed in record time of 26 months


Contractors-MGCPL-ATEPL JV

KCPL share-100% for high performance PCE base hyperplasticizers

Kishanganga HEP

330 MW hydro power project



Total Volume of concrete-2.5 Million cum

KCPL share-95% for admixtures,accelerators, repair mortars, antifreeze admixtures

Barapullaha Phase 2&3

Largest integrated cloverleaf flyovers and elevated section in NCR

Client-PWD Delhi

Contractors-L&T and Afcons

KCPL share-30%

Supernova Residential Tower and GYS Vision Commercial Tower

Tallest developments in NCR in residential and commercial space with M-80 grade of concrete

Client-Supertech Limited & GYS Vision

Contractors-B L Kashyap and Ahluwalia Contracts Limited

KCPL share-65%

Mohanpura Irrigation Dam ( MP)

One of the largest Roller compacted Concrete Dams in India

Client-Irrigation department ,Madhya Pradesh


Total Volume of concrete-3.5 Million cum

KCPL share- 60%

Polavaram Irrigation project

Client-Irrigation department ,Govt Andhra Pradesh

Contractors-Navayuga Engineering Corporation

Total Volume of concrete-60.00 lakh cum concrete

KCPL share-70%

Manali - Rohtang Tunnel

Client-Border Road Organization

Contractors-Afcons-Strabag JV

Total Volume of concrete-2.8 Million cum concrete

KCPL share-65%

Yamuna Expressway (Taj Expressway)

Biggest new alignment 12 lane PQC Concrete road project in India for 165 km ,using PPC cement for first time in IndiaJIL


Contractors-C&C ,OSE,Vijay Nirman,Brahmaputra Infraprojects Limited,MGCPL, H G Contractors,

Total Volume of concrete-3.8 million cum concrete

KCPL share-90%

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