4 laning of National Highway project from Rewa to Siddi

4 laning of National Highway project from Rewa to Siddi in state of Madhya Pradesh involving 6 .0 lakh cubic concrete of rigid pavement and super structure in flyovers and bridges across water bodies.

Sector- Roads, Highways&Motorways
Contractor- Dilip Buildcon Limited
Client- National Highway Authority of India


Due to extreme shortage of natural sand in the region, company decided to use crushed sand (stone dust) in all grades of concrete including super structure of M-50 and M- 55 and doing 100% rigid pavement with crushed sand requiring about 40% water reduction from control slump for right concrete design mixes

KCPL Solution

After close to 48 site trial mixes and efforts by KCPL’s R&D team, we developed a very high solid content PCE base hyper plasticizer KUNAPLAST PC 100, which could achieve significant water reduction of upto 40% against control slump without affecting slump retention and achieving almost 100% strength within 7 days. This resulted in extremely fast pace of construction and DBL could completed the project well before time ensuring top notch concrete quality

USP of the Project

First project in Indian road sector, where super structure is also made with crushed sand re-emphasing the hold KCPL commands in supply of construction chemicals to Indian road sector

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