Supply of Concrete admixtures and (PPC)

Supply of Concrete admixtures and super plasticizers for Pozzolana Portland Cement (PPC) enabled rigid pavement concrete

Sector- Roads, Highways&Motorways

The Yamuna Expressway Project was conceived with the idea to not only reduce the travel time between New Delhi and Agra but also to open up avenue for Industrial and Urban development of the region and provide the base for convergence to tourism and other allied industries. This was 165 Km long rigid pavement, access controlled super expressway with 6 lanes (expandable to 8) greenfield alignment. This was a massive landmark project in Indian road history with 6 interchanges,41 minor bridges,70 vehicular underpasses,182 culverts and mammoth 3.8 Million cubic meter concrete carried out by 13 contractors.

Challenges& KCPL Solution-

This was the first project in the history of Indian roads where rigid pavement (Pavement quality concrete) was to be made with PPC Cement, Prior to this all PQC roads in India used only OPC cements and admixtures were developed compatible with OPC cement only. Engineers were finding it really tough to create the mix design, nature of mix, slump retention and achievement of flexural strength for PQC Concrete with PPC Cement having high normal consistency. Also because of high retarder content there was lot of surface water ,resulting in collapsing of edges.KCPL engineers with their expertise in concrete solutions developed a unique superplasticizer formulation ( without retarders),focussing on 25% water reduction and increased plasticity -KUNACON 37S1( SNF based super plasticizers),resulting in manufacturing of excellent quality, water tight durable rigid pavement concrete .The project was completed in record time and is a landmark in Indian road history.KCPL supplied 8000 MT of super plasticizers KUNACON 37S1 and Aluminised resin base concrete curing compounds KUNACURE-AL on this prestigious projects.

Till date Taj expressway (YEW),remains one of the largest landmark road projects in India and after success of this project ,even GOI body MORTH allowed usage of 20% fly ash in PQC Concrete mix designs ,paving way for KCPL to become a market leader in PQC Concrete solutions in India

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