waterproofing treatment

Integrated development of a 11-tower residential complex, five-star hotel,

office and commercial space at Mohali over an area of 50 acres by Bestech India Private Limited and their subsidiary Starwood Contracts Private Limited

  • Sector - Real Estate/Buildings
  • Client - Bestech India Limited
  • Consultant- Lorem
  • Contractor - Lorem


Due to high water penetration and faulty raft design at the beginning this was a very challenging assignment and was in need for a comprehensive solution to prepare the structure against current leakages, damp points and a long-lasting solution. This was one of the largest single water proofing work contracts in Real estate sector with total work value exceeding 30 Mn INR.All the sunken portions were treated with high solid content, highly elastic acrylic polymer “KUNACRETE” in 3 coat systems after extensive surface preparation and repairs. This gave extra protection to sunken portions against water ingress. Entire podium and Non-tower area was waterproofed using high quality Bituminous based 4 mm APP Membrane “KUNA- Shied-APP” membrane using 0.3 kg/sqm primer and laying great emphasis on end to end torching avoiding any punctures. Biggest challenge was to stop leakages from multiple points in basement and raft.


We used a combination of PU foam (KUNA Hydro foam) and PU resin (KUNA CHY-500), injectable by using NRV packer forming a water tight hydrophilic system, where water as it comes in contact forms a water tight system and arresting any form of leakage. This was done across entire 10,000 sqm basement area.


This was one of the most landmark ,comprehensive water proofing solutions provided to Real Esatate Industry using products and technologies from KCPL

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