Repair of Existing PQC Road-NH 2 6 Lane(sector-road)

(PQC) roads from Etawaha-Chakeri Repair of existing cracks in Pavement Quality Concrete (PQC) roads from Etawaha-Chakeri section of National Highway 2.

  • Sector - Road& Highways
  • Client - National Highway Authority of India
  • Consultant- Lorem Ipsum
  • Contractor - Oriental Structures Limited(OSE)


Earlier 4 lane road was constructed about 15 years back and was a rigid pavement and contractor was widening it 4/6 lane, while moving traffic was there. Without disturbing the traffic flow on one of the busiest national highways, repair was to be carried on potholes and cracks on existing rigid pavement


KCPL engineers worked day in day out and got the entire stretch of 110 kms repaired and ready within 3 months using high effective combination of KUNAPATCH-HS (repair mortar) and KUNABOND-2 EP (Low viscosity epoxy injection grout) to fill all the cracks using 12 mm thick*100 mm long NRV packers. Contractor completed the remainder work in time and now it’s a crack free 6 lane road. Total value of the repair work was 8 Million INR


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