Waterproofing and repair of U/G tunnel

Waterproofing and repair of U/G tunnel ,OT duct and launching shaft using Single component PU grout through injection methodology at DMRC CC -24 Package (HZN- Ashram stretch)

  • Contractor - Jkumar Infraprojects
  • Client- Delhi Metro Rail Corporation


Water leakages at multiple locations ,making it difficult to complete work and get CSMRS approval for making the line operational within time.There were leakages in roof slab and Diaphragm wall in the OT duct section ,making it extremely difficult to arrest leakages.D-wall is extremely challenging ,because there is lot of loose sand which has to be properly removed before injection treatment can be started


KCPL team engaged highly skilled technical know how,making surface preparations,cleaning and removing of any loose particles and then injecting high performance single component PU grout -KUNAINJECT systems to stop water leakages.Our teams worked 24 hours to put almost 16500 nozzle and total material 5000 KG was consumed.


KCPL is the only company who do turnkey job .where supply and apply was both done by us leading to high level of efficiency

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