Waterproofing of roof slab and walls for at CCS Airport.

Waterproofing of roof slab and walls for U/G Metro Station at CCS Airport for Underground stretch of Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation (LMRC) using 2 component highly elastic liquid membrane

  • Contractor- Sam India Builtwell Private Limited
  • Client- Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation (LMRC)


Concrete was to be properly assessed for moisture content ,air entrapment and surface finish prior to any waterproofing treatment .Outgassing is a naturally occurring phenomena of concrete that can create pinholes in subsequently applied waterproofing coating.This is more pronounce din case of U/G structures


KCPL inhouse team of applicators assessed the challenge well and primed the substrate well and committed to use a reinforcement .Mixing used as slurry Part A : part B (1:2),slowly adding powder component to liquid and string with slow speed to attain homogeneous product ,initial coat of KUNABRUSH BOND was applied at 0.70 kg/sqm on dried primed surface by roller ,then reinforced layer was applied in horizontal surface

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